Thursday, 16 June 2011

Lefkara Lunar Eclipse

I have been fortunate enough to have seen 2 total solar eclipces but last night from our balcony in our new home ( yes we moved again will blog about it soon) we were on ' The Dark Side Of The Moon' so to speak. When the sun set there was a very eery light across the mountains and we watched as the moon came out across the sea.

Then it began.............................

You can see the shadow of black slowly crossing over the moon

And as the shadow, which I believe is the shadow of planet Earth being in front of the sun,

Crept across the face of the moon you can see the fading crest of the sun's light.

The moon began to take on an orange glow.

And it was almost as if it had become a night sun glowing brightly in the dark night sky.

It was a beautiful experience to see this, very humbling, nature's clear reminder that we are so small in the whole magnitude of the universe.