Thursday, 27 October 2011

Kwaheri Bwana Tembo

Hi Dad,
I am sitting here in your room with all your things around me and I am comforted by that. I have had to borrow your dressing gown as I didn't have room for mine in my hand luggaged that I haistily packed to get here on Saturday after you had suffered a massive heart attack. I love wearing it, it makes me feel like you are wrapping your arms around me, and making me feel safe and warm like you always did when I was a child. I raced to be with you Daddy and you must have heard me when I was talking to you on the flight, casue you pulled through for me and gave me the chance to be with you and hold you and love you and the smile that you gave us when you finally woke was priceless. Thank you so much for being so brave and so strong and sacrificing everything right up until your last breath so that I could have my chance to say goodbye.You have been the best father anyone could ever ask for and I am so grateful to you for everything that you have ever done and given to me over our lifes journey together. No matter the vast oceans between us, you have always been there for me encouraging and supporting me to be the woman you always knew I could become. Mum is being really brave and strong, you would be so proud of her......... she is getting everything done and is being really efficient even though her heart is broken.
You will be amazed by the support and wishes that are coming in for you from all over the world, from Dubai, Cyprus,Turkey, Bermuda, Australia, Holland, South Africa, the love is being sent and people are thinking of you. You were a very special man Bwana Tembo and you touched many peoples lives.
It is 24 hours since you passed away and I can tell you that we have all missed you every second of that time, as we will miss you every second of every day for the rest of our lives. You will always be in our thoughts and our hearts.
Kwaheri Bwana Tembo, Assanti Sana.....................................