Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hairdressing Hero!

Have just read the news and learnt of the sad death of one of the greatest hairdressing heros who has ever lived.............


This man fundamentally changed the way we style our hair today. He gave women a sence of freedom with their hair and he certainly gave me a massive freedom in my life.

Back in January 1989  my beautiful father drove me  in a very embarressing old Skoda Sportage, which broke down on the end of the M4 from Bristol to the big city lights of London. He checked me into a bed and breakfast in Victoria Square,  took me on the tube to Oxford Street for a Pizza and so wonderfully encouraged me to take every moment to get out and see and live the world.

From there I made my way for the next 5 days to the Vidal Sassoon School of Hairdressing. It was here that I learnt that hairdressing was not just another job, not just about bored housewives with weekly shampoos, blue rinses and sets, but that hairdressing was and is a translation of beauty, an art form, created between stylist and client, an expression of personality and being.

Vidal Sassooon through his teachings of precission cutting, which were reveloutionary in it's time,  encouraged women to be more expressive in their looks and certainly,encouraged me to be a better, more adventurous hairdresser, later that year at the age of 18  I joined the cruise liners and my skills with the scissors to travel the world.

Thank You Vidal....... you created what and who many of us are today.

Sweet Sleep for the Scissors.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Winter has definately arrived in the villlage and despite the central heating we have still had to give in and use the gas fires to warm individual rooms as we were getting through the diesel in the heating tank way too quickly. We were told that a tank would last us the whol season, ha ha ha...... half a tank lasted us one month, December, and winter hadn't really set in yet.......................................................

These old houses are great but, they do have their faults, they have thick walls, but nothing is insulated, not the walls or the roof and the windows don't shut tightly so the drafts are terrible. I was in the bathroom the other day and the shower curtain started moving, and I realised it was because of the draft coming in off the balcony despite the shutters and windows being closed. We only have light weight net curtains, so the warm air escapes quickly and the cool air gets in just as fast...............

Good job I wrapped up the BBQ for winter else it would have been dented.

Thankfully today we got Hail instead of heavy rain, as he rain has been coming in through the roof and we have been woken at crazy hours of the night with the sound of Drip drip drip and the feeling of water splashing past ones face,to find it dripping through the ceiling and into the room. Must admit I hadn't planned on life being quite this simple................................The land lord keeps threatening to come and fix it, it might get done by next winter!

If you have any ideas on how too keep warm in old village house in a montain village in Cyprus, like how to make heavy curtains, bearing in mind I don't sew, or what to uses as draft excluders, I would love to hear your ideas.