Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cyprus Snow

We listen to BFBS which is the British Forces Broadcasting Service, mainly because it has some really good music on it, and during their weather forcast at this time of year they always comment on how cold it is at Troodos Camp and let one know how much snow is on the ski slopes. This all sounds really bizare when one is looking out to sea under clear blue skies, basking in the sunshine. Admitedly it has dropped down in temperature by the coast, but the idea that we could go into the mountains and find a winter wonderland was just unimaginable. So a couple of weekends back curiosity got the better of us and we set off for Mount Olympus.

We kept climbing and climbing and no sign of any snow, even when we got to Platres, nothing, and I said to TBH, 'this is a myth, they are having a laugh, there is no snow..................... '

When suddenly a car went past with what looked like the remains of a snow man on the left hand side of it's bonnet. 'snow!' I screamed, ' where' said TBH and by that time of course the car had gone past, added to which he was looking for it on the land not the front of cars,further we climed and then there it was scattered sporadically under the trees little piles of snow! Then there were the cars with skis on top and folk with wooly hats and scarves, with wet hair and chattering teeth, and eventually, we too were throwing snow balls and walking in a winter wonderland. It was so amaizing, it was deap enough for people to ski, snowboard,tobogan and it seemed as though the whole of Cyprus was up there and it was a real carnival type atmosphere.

Crepes were being freshly cooked by the side of the road and sold to passers by along with roasted chestnuts and toffee apples. Kids were squeeling with laughter and adults were behaving like kids. A truly magical day a truly magical place, Cyprus in the Snow.