Friday, 30 September 2011

Special Delivery

My Neighbour called out from over the wall ' ARE YOU THERE?' ' yes ' I replied ' Open the front door, Maria is here'

Ooooooh I was so excited!!! On request my gorgeous neighbour had called Maria who's husband owns a goat farm just outside the village...... and there all bunddled up in it's little package was my very own special delivery. My hands wrokd imapitiently to undo the knot on the bag........

...... and then it was free ' Hello Home made Halloumi ' I shouted with glee, mmmm the smell of the fresh mint in the bag was devine too, how awsome is this, yummy fresh halloumi chese from goats who meander through the nearby fields, made by the fair hands of a fellow villager.

As instructed I carefully removed each piece and placed it lovingly and gently into the ' Halloumi pot' my neighbour kindly given me.

And poured the remaining liquid from the bag over it, to keep it moist but it also makes it more salty too.

We haven't yet grilled any on the BBQ however, it did arrive just in time for our recent guests to enjoy it thinly sliced on a bed of fresh Cypriot tomatoes covered in fresh home grown basil and local organic olive oil......mmmmm what an absoloute treat!