Friday, 16 July 2010

Don't Take It For Granted

I too had a home in Africa!

I have seen it so many times that it is a part of my life and all too often, especially in times of uncertainty I find myslef quoting from the wonderful Sydney Pollack movie,Out Of Africa.The story of the writer Karen Blixen's (AKA Isak Dinesen) life in Kenya.

I guess it is a family thing, we used to watch it a lot after we left Kenya and when I see it, or hear the music it gives me comfort,clarity, understanding and this week one of the lines from the movie has been very prominent in my mind.

'I had a compass from Denys, ' to steer by' he said, but later it came to me.....that we navigated differently, perhaps he knew as I did not, that the earth was round, so that we did not see too far down the road.'

With the recent knowledge that Alzheimers has decided to join my family I have begun to wonder if it always a good thing to know what the future holds for us or are we sometimes better to go through life taking each day as it comes, cherishing the memories and making the most of the here and now. We seem to spend so much time planning for a future that we cannot plan and in the mean time we forget to live for today, to enjoy the moments that we have with family and friends, to laugh at the good old days and remember special occassions. But most importantly to let loved ones know how much we love them.

Congratulations M & D for 54 years of marriage this week. I am so proud of you!

If you knew what was ahead of you would it change the course of your life? Would you make different decisions? Would you maybe say the things you haven't said, do the things you haven't done, or would you live exactly as you are today? It amazes me that all too often it takes an illness to knock us into gear and appreciate what and who we have around us, why is it that we take so much for granted.

My first day at school.

I know how lucky I have been, to have grown up in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature and wild animals, within a loving caring understanding family who have encouraged and supported me every step of the way. Sure we have had the usual arguments, but generally despite the distances we have been there for each other and I have never taken that for granted. Perhaps that distance has made me more aware of just how important family and friends are.

Now, we, our family have a new and challenging road ahead, one none of us could ever have planned for, but I have no doubt that individually and collectively we will rise to that challenge, taking it a step at a time and climbing the mountain that towers above us.

We will manage what life throws at us as well as finding much to laugh about along the way, knowing that we have each other to lean on. What was that song... the road is long with many a winding turn..... he ain't heavy, he's my brother. We must carry each other when the tough days call.

Don't take life for ganted,live every moment, be consious, life can change in an instant, make the most of every day and be sure to stop and smell the roses, see the beauty in the little things and hug those you love, no matter what, you never know what is around the corner.

Happy weekend to you all from Hay Bale Happiness.

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