Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sam's Special Spaghetti Sauce

Sam's home grown beef tomatoes.

Sam is the son of my dear friend Deb, and when we left Mazatos Sam was starting to show an interest in growing his own veg. So we donated our veggie box to him as it was too big to fit on our terrace. He has subsiquently planted loads of other things in his garden and has become really good at producing different varieties of Tomatoes, he also has cucumbers, maize,strawberries,spring onions, lettuce, corriander and basil.

Sam's home grown spring onions

Most lad's of his age,15 would not even be aware that veg comes from anything other than a can or a freezer bag so I find it really encouraging that he has shown such an interest and is being so successful with it. So I was delighted the other day when his Mum passed by for a cuppa and gave me a basket full of goodies from Sam's garden. What a beautiful gift.......

Our herb garden.

So I got to work, picked some basil from our herb garden, the basil Sam gave me I am going to see if I can root it and add it to our collection. Then I blanched the tomatoes until the skins split, then peeled them and chopped them. I chopped the spring onions and diced a normal white onion and some garlic, sauted this in some olive oil.

All the lovely ingredients.

I added the tomatoes, brown sugar, worctershire sauce, and salt, let it simmer to reduce down.

Home made tomato sauce.

In the evening TBH boiled up some brown pasta and grated some parmasan, re heated the sauce and hey presto.... dinner was served.

Sam's special spaghetti sauce.

What better way to end a day than sitting on the terrace watching the clouds cast long shadows across the distant mountains enjoying a meal of home grown, home cooked food.


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