Thursday, 10 June 2010

Baking On The Barbie

This is not a weekend indulgance, for us, it has become a way of life. Electricity is very expensive in Cyprus, added to that we both prefer gas to cook on, however the place that we are in has an electric cooker, pushing up the electric bills and producing for us, not such good food. So I came up with a brian wave, we love eating outdoors, under the sun or beneath the stars, so why don't we get a gas BBQ. We toyed with the idea but at the time didn't feel that we could justify spending the sort of money that they cost. I mentioned the idea to TBH's parents and they very kindly donated birthday money in advance and hey presto we are in business with the Barbie. Thank you!

So, as the saying goes if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen, and as the summer is fast approaching it is far nicer and much cooler to be cooking outside where at present we still seem to be getting a breeze that keeps the temperature down. We started by doing the usual home made burgers, chicken legs, and jacket potatos and then the chhallenge began, with both of us being keen cooks, it was clear that between us we had to come up with something other than the usual to Bake on the Barbie.
So I did everything else as normal for a sponge cake, whisked my butter, sugar, and eggs together,

Grated and hand juiced my orange,adding the juice to the mixture, before the flour,

added my village flour, baking powder, and orange rind for a final whisk before putting my mixture into a grease proofed loaf tray and onto the Barbie with the lid down for between 20-30 minutes.

Topped with some chocolate butter icing ,

I initially did this for TBH'S birthday after I did some research and figured that the bbq could be used in a similar way to a gas oven, guess what it worked! So as I had some tiny tums to feed yesterday with the Barefoot Mama Clan coming round for an afternoon cuppa I thought I know just the thing that they can get their sticky little mits into, and it went down a treat.

High Tea at Hay Bale Happiness!


  1. We use our BBQ almost every day. Wayne cooks dinner for us almost every night including baked roasts, hams, etc. I want to try pizza. Our BBQ isn't as fancy as yours. It was a Walmart $99 special, but it does the trick. Indoors we cook with propane gas from a tank outdoors. It also provides us with power for our refrigerator. The only thing electric we have are a few lights and plugs to charge our computers and other small rechargeable devices. You can do quite a lot without power from the grid. Ours comes strictly from solar and wind. - Margy

  2. OMG - it was absolutely gorgeous! I have (literally) just starting salivating at the memory of it. Hmm... maybe you didn't want to know that!

    THANKYOU for a lovely (and delicious) afternoon!