Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Salute To The Sun

Wherever we are in the world we absoloutely adore watching sunset. I suppose at this time of day I take time to marvell at Mother Nature and The Universe, and as many creatures and critters are scurrying away to bed, others, like my cats are just waking up and scouring the street at dusk. There is something magical about the light at this time of day and a stillness that lets you breath deap and slow which is what TBH ( The Better Half) did when he just made it home on time yesterday to grab the photo bag, and a beer of course to drink a Salute To the Sun on it's longest day of the year!

Because we are lucky enough to have pretty much uninteruppted views here it has been really facinating to see just how much the sun has moved over the last 6 months.

These pictures are taken from our back garden, and yet in January when we arrived, there was no sun to be seen at all over the back of the house, and we watched the sunset from the front garden almost opposite from where it went down yesterday.

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