Thursday, 10 June 2010

Quirky Quiche

At Hay Bale Happiness we are trying to get back to basic's leaving life in the fast lane behind us and living a more healthy, happy, sustainable lifestyle. I have gone from Artistic Director in International World Wide Hairsalons,to PA to the Sales Director of an International Insurance company, to Senoir Leisure Consultant for a travel agency in the Middle East. Presently I am my own boss as a Domestic Engineer as one friend put it,trying to learn to be frugal, live on one income, produce good wholsome food, look after the home and create a warm and loving enviroment for 4 cats and TBH ( The Better Half)
Thanks to him, I now have the time and energy to explore new ideas for cooking and as we recently bought Billy the Barbie quiche is back on the menu. TBH missed out on high tea yesterday so I figured I had better come up with something just as yummy for his tummy and decided to bake a quirkey quiche. I made a basic short crust pastry mix with butter and the local village flour, I really like it's texture, it is a bit more coarse than other flours and gives a light fluffy taste.

Fetta and Red onion became the bassis of this little number,

Fried the onion in some olive oil in a pan on the gas burner of the BBQ

And then hand whisked 2 eggs and some local Cypriot yoghurt with some oregano and Fetta,

cooked the pastry case blind on the barbie with the lid down for about 7 mins

then mixed the cooled onions with the rest of the filling and placed it in the pastry case on the barbie with the lid down for about 20-25 mins.

I sliced up some tomatoes, for the top, sprinkled some cress from our home grown sprouter over it and shredded some Heromi which is a locally smoked ham. Mixed up a rocca, melon and roasted sesame seed salad and sat down to dinner as the sun set behind an eveing cloud.

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