Monday, 7 June 2010

Scenic Sunday

TBH ( The better half) and I took a trip out and around our area yesterday, in search of the best picnic spots and views where we can take visitors when they come. One thing that we love about Cyprus is that many of the roads are still dirt tracks that meander through the fields connecting one little farm shack to another. It is such good fun to just follow the sun and see where these tracks take you. A bit like life really, somtimes it is better not to know what is around the next corner. I think it is good to plan but all too often the best laid plans of mice and men don't turn out how we had expected and it can sometimes be a bitter dissapointment, so at times I like to throw caution to the wind and take the leap so to speak and see where one lands, and most of the time you end up lucky enough to fall into something really beautiful, as we found when we took the leap to come to Cyprus to live, and these are some of our surroundings.

Isn't it stunning and all the while as you meander through the views and vistas you see different crops growing everywhere. The Figs are just coming into season now and I can't wait to experiment with them. Last year TBH made the most wonderful upside down Fig Cake, lets hope he hasn't forgotton the recipie.

It never fails to amaize me just how much is being grown here, have you ever wondered where the red syrup grenadine comes from for those Tequilla Sunrise cockatails, from this the Pommegranate plant. First it graces us with the most vibrant pillar box red flower and then the flower is pushed out as the fruit forms and finally the fruit sits on the tree ripening daily under the glorious Cyprus sun ahh the beauty of nature.

The olive tree's too showere us with beautiful little white flowers in the spring and at present the fruits are growing and bobbing about on their branches in the afternoon breeze waiting for the autmn when families from the villages will gather in the olive groves to harvest their crop.

Back at home and we made the most of the late afternoon sun with a small stroll across the field opposite the house where Wild Thyme clings to the edge of the rocky cliff.

We parked ourselves at Impi ridge ( named this as it is where our male tom cat Impi likes to cast an eye over the plains below just as he would do if he were a lion look down on the herds of Zebra in the Mara) to watch the sun gow down, leaving long shadows across the valley below and eventually going to bed behind the mountains in the distantce.

The end of another Hay Bale Happiness Day.

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