Sunday, 6 June 2010

Saturday Shopping

Saturday is shopping day since I gave up the car to reduce expenses and my carbon footprint. So once a week ( we hope to reduce this later to bi weekly or monthly) we head off to the supermarket and this time we actually remembered our sack bags! Living on one income means, learning to be more frugal and we have great fun in the shopping isles trying to get the best value for money for our items, beating the system by NOT buying the water that is on special offer cause there is other water in the water isle that is much cheaper! I walk through the shop adding my items on my mobile phone calculator as this ensures that I stay within budget and ask myself is this a want or a need.Back at home with bags unpacked and produce put in place,

we sat down to a simple but succulant salad lunch lovingly prepared by The Better Half( husband), thankfully he enjoys cooking and when we first came to Cyprus he did 4 months as a chef in a hotel near Polis learning all the specailaities of Cypriot cuisine, village salad being one of my favorite

Sadly none of this is home grown, we are hoping to ask our friendly sheep farmer if we can buy Fetta, Halloumi and maybe milk directly from him, we can see the sheep and goats from the window in the snug, and it would be wonderful to support him knowing exactly where the produce has come from. We are planning some raised veggie beds for the garden I will write about that soon but in the mean time we have started this week with our sprouter.


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