Monday, 7 June 2010

Not So Manic Monday

Took a deap breath outside the front door this morning and tried hard to take in every bit of the beauty of another glourious day with clear blue skies, white horses on the waves of the ocean in the distance and the birds chirping on the telegraph wires. With no car I am learning to use my legs again, something, of a rairtey for me , it has been good for me to be forced to move my muscles and remember what these things on the end of my legs called feet are for.

Stolling down through the village. It made such a refreshing change to actually have the time to stop and really look at what is around me.Feel the sun on my skin and let the wind blow through my hair. All too often when we get behind the wheels of our cars we are in such a hurry to get to where ever it is that we have to be that we miss so many of the simple things in life that we pass furiously by.I wondered as I pitta pattered through the tiny streets when did life get so hectic? Why is it that in so much of the world certainly in the cities life has to be go go go all the time? We are humanbeings not humandoings so I am glad that we have made the choice to slow things down a bit and take some time to just be.

As I passed the sheep farm at the end of our road where the milk churns were drying in the mid morning sun, I found another reason why I like it here so much, it is almost as if time hasn't caught up with Cyprus and thankfully some of the old ways still remain and have not yet been taken over by the craziness if modern life. As I took this photo, I smiled a contented smile and reflected back to my childhood in Kenya. We used to get milk from a nearby dairy farm delivered to us in churns like these. It was wonderful so fresh, and we knew the people who owned the farm and so knew that what we were getting was good wholsome milk from good wholesome cows. When did buying milk in a plastic carton at a supermarket take over? Infact I thought as I passed the archway that leads into a citurs and olive grove,

on my way to the bank when did plastic take over full stop. When did we, the public stop using crops as cash or cash as cash for that matter and start using some bit of plastic to poke into a machine in a wall to get our monies and being charged for the privilege of doing so. When did we the public allow ourselves to fall into this never ending pit of plastic payment for everything not really being mindfulof what we are or are not buying.

I left the bank fullfilled, my transactions completed by a bank clerk with a happy face and a nice welcoming smile, and no debt to pay. Sure it is sometimes hard to sit back and see how much more others seem to have, it is hard to go from buying because you can to thinking about where you spend your monies, but by doing this TBH and I have managed to saty out of debt, which for us gives us a far better freedom than keeping up with the Jones's.

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