Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Domestic Charms.

Most of my life I have been lucky enough to have had some very special people help look after my home and me. Now I value their work and input even more than ever. When we were in Kenya, Ngugi our lovely houseboy, would not only polish floors and make delisoius dinners, but he was my friend, my very good friend. He always took time between his chores to entertain big questions from a young inquisative mind. He would show me how to polish my school shoes and make my bed.

I would spend hours down in his house with the wood fire smouldering as he bolied the billy. There I would listen to him tell stories of his own family who lived in some miles away. We would drink strong sweet african chai ( tea) I would dunk my white crusty bread into it and suck the tea in only a way the Africans know. I always felt safe with him and he looked after our family and protected us. I am eternaly grateful to him, he was a wonderful caring man.

In England my dear mother ran around hoovering hallways picking up laundry and every so often shouting at me to tidy my room. It usually fell on deaf ears, until I ran out of clothes to go out in so then I HAD to do something about it. Sorry Mum!

On the cruise liners, we would leave a pile of laundry on the beds, which of course would be made by the chamber maids and by evening the clothing would be washed,ironed and folded neatly back on our bunks.

In Dubai..... well what can I say, Sriya looked after me for 10 long years, so increadibly faithful, caring and loving, supporting me not just in my home with dishes, dusters and dovets, but in everyday life. Helping me overcome hurdles and understanding frustrations and sorrows. Such a gracious, proud person, with a wealth of wisdom. Buddhist and a total animal lover she looked after our kitties when we were away fattening them up and loving the to pieces.

I trusted her with my life and every day I am thankful that our paths crossed for such a long time.Most of what I have learnt to help create some domestic bliss in this simple life of ours has come from her.
Now it is my turn to plump up the cusions and fluff up the nest and at the end of a day of domestic bliss there is nothing nicer than climbing into a fesh made bed, with crispy ironed sheets.
I only hope that I can make our home as warm cosy and welcoming for TBH ( the better half) as those before me have done for us. I spend many moments searching the internet for more frugal cleaning aids, hints and tips of how to do things, lets hope in time I too can be a Domestic Charm.

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  1. Hey gal, you have got some lovely pics on here - not necessarily the ironing board, but there are some really lovely pics of Cyprus - I love the arch leading to the orange groves. Keep posting Ceri, and keep the pics coming. Cher and I are looking forward to when we can get down there.