Thursday, 17 June 2010


It has been a strange one this week, a time for looking inside and mirroring myself and TBH, with both of us asking some interesting questions. Who are we? What are we really about? What do we really believe in and where do we really belong? I suppose it came about after an unexpected but delightful meeting of a friend's new wife,she is from Zimbabwe and oozes Africa and all the good it can be. We shared our plans for the future, and returning to Zimbabwe is one of hers as she is very optimistic that Zimbabwe can and will get back on it's feet in due course. This discussion sent a ripple of uneasiness through what had been a a fairly still mill pond.

Having only made the change from Dubai to Cyprus a year ago,TBH and I suddenly found ourselves yearning for Africa once again. I mean really yearning for it, as if it were calling us from the very heart of the Rift Valley echoing it's cry across the plains of the Masai Mara. For some reason Africa does that to you, once it is in your blood and pumps through your veins, it seems to draw you in like some mystical drug, and there's a constant nagging in the back of our heads that says,

' come home come home, this is where you belong, come back, come back you've been gone too long'

Perhaps it is also part of being an Expat. As it opens up ones minds to different countries cultures and experiences, it drives one to constantly wonder what is around the next corner.

There was a brief interlude from the questioning when we were given a free concert beneath the stars, as we sipped our wine on the rock at Impi ridge over looking the valley and a villa below, where a wedding party was being held and a live Cypriot band sung love songs into the balmy summer night breeze.

A few days at a crossroads of deep reflection by me,

and my cloggy husband

concluded that whatever has been was and what ever will be, will be, but what is most important is here and now.

So we have peace again at last, happy with our decisions and content that for now this is where we belong.
And as another summers day draws to a close and I wonder who on the other side of the world is watching the sun arise as I watch it fall, I wonder how many of you are happy with the here and now, and how often do you reflect on the could Be's or could have been. How many of us really live the moment?

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