Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Out Of The Fast Lane

In our previouos life, both TBH ( the better half) and I used to spend quite a lot of time driving up and down the main highway of the city getting to and from work. At one time it was classified as the most dangerous highway in the world and some of the many fatal accidents that we saw occur on it would verify that. At the time there was no other alternative, pleased to say that now one could take the train instead.

We are both thankful that now when TBH goes to and from the office he no longer has to take the risk of being run off the road by a 4 wheel drive doing 200 kmp in the fast lane trying to overtake you on the hard shoulderof a 6 lane highway. Instead TBH can meander through the country lanes, passing the succulant vineyards where the grapevines spread their green leaves and the grapes begin their juicey journey into winehood.

We have taken the exit of the fast lane and slowed the pace down giving us time and energy to enjoy what is arround us.

As you can probably tell, TBH is a very good photographer, ( the not so good ones are mine!) and his photo bag goes with him most days so he doesn't miss the opportunity to capture the little things in life like this pretty caper flower dancing in the evening breeze.

We feel increadibly fortunate to live where we do, and there isn't a day that goes by that we aren't grateful for the challenge of change, and glad that we took that exit, as this has given us the opportunity to explore the more creative sides of our charecters, which in turn has given us the inspiration for Hay Bale Happiness.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Living A Simple Life. I wish you joy and good fortune on your new journey.

    From across the big pond,


  2. Thanks for the comment on our blog. It's been an amazing experience so far and we look forward to continuing the journey even after the baby is born.

    Cyprus sounds absolutely wonderful and your pictures are incredible! Congratulations on making the move to a more simple life. We've definitely enjoyed our life in the slow lane over this past year. We've learned a lot about ourselves, finally done the things we only talked about before, and haven't missed a single day of our long commutes to and from work or our hectic schedules that left us little time to focus on us.

    I look forward to hearing about your experiences!